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Our quality assurance guarantee

We want your Baxter Construction home to be everything you hoped for. Our unending passion drives us to achieve unrivalled quality and outstanding service to our clients, not only during the construction but long after your home is completed. Our guarantee marks our complete confidence in our product and ensures your peace of mind. 

What our guarantee covers

Renovation Tools

Within three months of completion of your project we will rectify the following at our cost:

  • Adjustment to ensure freely operating windows, doors, cupboards, locks and catches.

  • Excessive plaster cracks or nail popping inside the home.

  • Issues with services e.g. plumbing, electrical, drainage, heating or cooling systems.

  • Issues with roofing, brickwork, painting, tiling, timber flooring finish and timber fixtures.

Within three months

Corner of a Roof Gutter

Within one year of the completion of your project we will rectify the following at our cost:

  • Paint failure.

  • Faulty guttering, downpipes and stormwater drains.

  • Failure of weather proofing and bird proofing.

Within one year

Wood Frame of House

Within six years of completion of your project we will rectify structural failure of any of the following at our cost:

  • Any issues with foundation systems such as concrete or strip footings.

  • Failure of loadbearing brickwork.

  • Structural timbers in walls or roof framing.

Within six years


Notwithstanding the items listed above, our guarantee does not cover the following:

  • Damage caused by storms, fire or flooding.  Please refer to claims arising out of such damage to your insurer.

  • Damage to footing systems caused by trees growing near the footings of your home.

  • Fair wear and tear.

  • Any marks or scratches on surfaces including bench tops, vanities, cupboard doors, basins, baths, showers, flooring, tiles or walls that were not noted on the certificate of practical completion completed and signed by you at the time of handover.  

  • Movement due to shrinkage resulting in minor cracking.

  • If your home is constructed in a termite-prone area, it will be treated to prevent damage from termite infestation as part of the building works.  It is your responsibility to ensure that termite prevention treatment is regularly repeated. Any damage resulting from a failure to do so will not be covered by the guarantee.

  • Service of your fixed appliances. The appliances installed in your home are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantees. The service within the manufacturer’s guarantee period can be obtained by contacting the manufacturer directly.

  • Misuse or neglect on your part.

Trees and gardens

Trees may change the moisture content of the soil in the foundations of your home causing it to shrink or expand.  This can cause damage to the footings.  

It is recommended that a clear space equal to at least half the tree’s mature height is maintained between the external wall of your home and any established or newly planted trees.  This guarantee will be void if tree growth causes structural damage to your home by  non-compliance with this recommendation.

Green Rooftop

Urgent outside building hours

If you have an urgent problem affecting your safety, security or weatherproofing we will be happy to assist.  If the item is covered by these guarantees the service will be free.  

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